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Chakra bracelet


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Chakra bracelet for balancing the 7 chakras in our body

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Chakras are circular vortexes of energy lying across 7 different points on our spinal column. The 7 chakras are connected to different glands and organs in the body and are responsible for uniform distribution of Prana or life energy through them.

When there is a disruption in this life energy or a blockage in any one or more Chakras, the individual may suffer from health or mental issues. Thus, the Chakras form the energy ecosystem of every individual.

Each Chakra is also associated with specific chakra colors.

Chakra bracelets are made with the seven colored semi-precious beads, each representing a chakra. This, when worn, helps to keep the seven components at their right energy levels. The healing the bracelet wearer receives is determined by the power on the gemstones or crystals. They are meant to absorb any negative energy so that only positive energy is left to be enjoyed.

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