About Us

Yoga as we all know is an ancient art that has its origin in India thousands of years back. 'Yoga' means Union (of mind, body and soul). The word 'Hita' in Sanskrit means useful or beneficial. The store's name Yoghita is thus derived from the union of Yoga and hita (that which is useful for Yoga).

The benefits of yoga extend beyond the physical realm and helps one achieve a balanced state of awareness, a more positive outlook in life and experience a sense of focus, serenity and peace.

With the launch of the International Yoga day, this ancient practice is growing exponentially all over the world. India is also seeing a spurt in the number of Yoga practitioners, Yoga studios and centers. This in turn has created a need for high quality yoga products.

In this great yogic journey, Yoghita aims to be a one-stop shop for all things yoga - yoga props, accessories, meditation and relaxation products and much more. Yoghita's focus will be on high quality products and great customer service. In its own way, Yoghita will help more people in their practice of yoga and also help in the realisation that Yoga is a way of life.

Props in Yoga

Props are for anyone regardless of age, physical condition, or length of study. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, a strategically placed yoga prop can elevate the physical and spiritual trajectory of the yoga practice.

At the very basic level, props help in avoiding injury from overstretching and misalignment. At a subtler level, props are used to achieve proper alignment of the posture, so that the breath can be free & the body realizes its maximum potential from the pose. Props can also be used for those who lack flexibility or have some physical limitations. Using a prop also helps in heightened awareness about a particular area of the body. Props are also used for relaxation in restorative yoga.

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